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This provider list is for informational purposes only. Any information available herein is distributed on an "as is" basis, without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in compiling this information, neither the authors nor PEHP shall incur any liability due to loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained herein.

PEHP has made an arrangement with the MultiPlan network of providers and facilities to help reduce your out-of pocket costs when you receive care outside of Utah. The MultiPlan network is only available to the following PEHP Members in the following circumstances: 1) Members who are living outside the State of Utah (Members who are living outside the State of Utah must notify PEHP of their out-of-state address prior to receiving Coverage. Additionally, members living out-of-state may only use MultiPlan providers in the State in which they reside, unless otherwise authorized in writing by PEHP); 2) Members traveling outside the State of Utah who are in need of urgent or life-threatening services while traveling (Coverage is excluded for services outside the State of Utah when a Member is traveling for the purpose of seeking medical care or treatment.); or 3) Members that require medical services that are not available in Utah and that have been Pre-authorized by PEHP.

All out-of-state surgeries require Prior Authorization from PEHP. Please contact PEHP at 801-366-7555 or 1-800-765-7347 (TTY:711) for Prior Authorization.

Providers are contracted at listed addresses only.

MultiPlan reserves the right to change or update provider lists at any time. If you require further assistance in verifying a provider’s participation, please contact MultiPlan Customer Service at 1-866-591-7427. The information in this guide is intended as a service to members of PEHP. While this information may be copied and used for your personal benefit, it is not to be used for personal gain.

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For a directory of providers in all states except AK & NV select the link below, or call MultiPlan at 1-866-591-7427.

For a directory of providers in AK & NV select the link below and select plan type as “Primary”, or call BeechStreet at 1-800-877-1444.

PEHP - Public Employees Health Program
PEHP - Public Employees Health Program
PEHP - Public Employees Health Program