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Wellness Councils

What is a Wellness Council?

A Wellness Council is a diverse team of individuals who work to improve the health and well-being of their co-workers and the organization as a whole. They support employee-focused activities and organizational changes to create a healthy workplace where employees can thrive.

Councils are typically comprised of employees from all divisions and levels within the organization (management, professionals, administrative support, etc.) to promote ownership of the program at the "grass roots" level, and include representatives with a variety of skills. Councils create environmental change and implement programs designed to facilitate the improved wellness of employees.

All it takes is one or two interested people to get started. So why would you want to get involved? Read on!

Why do we need a Wellness Council at my worksite?

Wellness Councils can be part of a management solution to problems such as rising health care costs, disengagement and absenteeism. They can help to improve employee morale and create a vested interest in the agency. Established Wellness Councils provide an organized, systematic approach to health promotion at the worksite. The best part is your Wellness Council can respond to the specific needs and interests of the employees.

How can I start a wellness council at my worksite?

We have over 150 active Wellness Councils who receive support and resources from PEHP Wellness Specialists. To find out how you can start your own worksite Wellness Council, please call us at 801-366-7300 or 855-366-7300 or email us by clicking [here].

Additional Resources for Wellness Councils

Grab & Go!

We have created a variety of email-based monthly wellness challenges ready to “Grab & Go” that you can customize and implement easily for your worksite! Please review the list of challenges PDF file we have available and decide which one(s) you would like to try. To request your copy, please email us at wellnesscouncils@pehp.org with G&G in the Subject Line and specify the one(s) you want to implement at your worksite.

Grab & Go Wellness Challenge Guides are formatted in editable Word documents and have specific instructions as to how to implement each challenge including flyers, trackers, handouts, and a survey. So easy!

Look for a follow up email within the year of your request asking for feedback about the challenge.

Wellness Posters

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