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Health Coaching

If you're serious about making positive lifestyle changes, PEHP Health Coaching may be for you. Our knowledgeable and passionate coaches will work with you in a confidential partnership for 6-12 months. We’ll provide education, support, resources and encouragement to help you succeed in improving your health behaviors and reaching a healthy weight.

Participants will identify personal motivations for improving health, form an action plan, and learn how to overcome barriers to achieving health goals. We’ll be there to get you started, monitor your progress, and celebrate your success.


Health Coaching is open to members, spouses and dependents age 6 and older. Medicare Supplement members are also eligible.

Children – Age 6 to 18

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Parents will actively participate with their child.

Adults – Age 19+

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Program Activities

Program activities include a minimum of monthly contact with your health coach (by phone or email); completion and regular review of a personalized action plan; viewing of ‘Lighten Up’ webinars and other learning activities. Participants with diabetes will watch ‘Diabetes and You’ webinars and have a consultation with a Registered Dietitian. The activities and length of program may vary depending on client’s starting weight, age and overall goals.

PEHP Health Coaching Brochure PDF file

Questions? Call 801-366-7300 or 855-366-7300, email healthcoaching@pehp.org, or view Frequently Asked Questions. PDF file