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PEHP Take Charge - Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Take Charge is a 6-week class to help PEHP members prevent type 2 diabetes. If you have prediabetes, getting type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a sure thing. Concepts taught in the class can help you lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, improve your health overall, and help you feel more energetic.

Take Charge is a 6-week educational series of classes led by our registered dietitian. Take Charge is perfect if you’re working on achieving the Prediabetes/A1C Improvement Rebate PDF file and are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

The Take Charge class is offered in two different formats. Choose the one that best matches your needs.

  1. Facilitated with an instructor (online).

    The PEHP dietitian will provide a live introductory webinar and will email weekly educational modules, support materials, and emails to coach and answer questions along the way.

    2020 Schedule TAKE CHARGE FLYER PDF file

  2. Learn the Take Charge principles at your pace, your way.

You have access to all the class webinars and resources, online. Simply click on the links below to get started!

Take Charge Topic Learning Activities Resources
Introduction/How to Get and Stay Active; Why Physical Activity Matters

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Make a physical activity plan for each week. What activities do you currently enjoy? What new activity can you try? Start where you are and increase to 150 mins/week or more.

Participant Guide – Get Active to Prevent Type 2 PDF file

The Role of Nutrition in Preventing Type 2 and How to Cook for Success

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Assess your current eating pattern and start making small adjustments to increase nutrition. Some areas of focus could include: -Increasing vegetables and fruit

-Replacing refined grains with whole grains

-Decreasing your intake of red meat

Set a small goal, then add to your success.

Participant Guide – Eat Well to Prevent Type 2 PDF file

·Choosing Lean Cuts of Meat PDF file

·Choosing Whole Grains PDF file

·Cooking Whole Grains PDF file

·Fruit & Veggie Guide PDF file

Cope with Triggers and Take Charge of Your Thoughts

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Participant Guide – Cope with Triggers PDF file

Participant Guide – Take Charge of Your Thoughts PDF file

Habit Loop PDF file

Heart Health

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Set a goal to stand up and move every half hour if your job is mostly sedentary.

Choose one positive outlet for stress: try meditation, yoga, spending time in nature.

Participant Guide – Heart Health PDF file

Spending Time Outside Relieves Stress

Eat Well Away from Home

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Utilize the internet to research the nutrition information for the restaurants you visit. Be prepared before you go to choose healthier options.

Participant Guide – Eat Well Away from Home PDF file

Healthy Eating from American Heart

Stay Motivated to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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Practice these five tips to stay motivated with your health goals:

-Find someone to help you be accountable

-Aim for “good enough” not perfection

-Set small goals

-Feel comfortable with discomfort

-A little prep goes a long way

Participant Guide – Stay Motivated to Prevent Type 2 PDF file

For more information, contact Jill Bryan, RD at jill.bryan@pehp.org or call PEHP Wellness at 801-366-7300 or 1-855-366-7300