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PEHP WeeCare

WeeCarePEHP WeeCare is our prenatal and postpartum program. It's designed to help expectant mothers have a safe pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. All PEHP members are eligible to participate, except Salt Lake County employees. Enroll today.

Benefits include free prenatal vitamins PDF file and educational materials on pregnancy, pregnancy-related illnesses, and complications.

Members may enroll at any time during pregnancy up through 12 months postpartum to participate in PEHP WeeCare and be eligible to receive a rebate from PEHP. See the WeeCare brochure and/or rebate form for detailed instructions and how to qualify for rebates.

For More Information

PEHP WeeCare
801-366-7400 or 855-366-7400
Email: weecare@pehp.org