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Dental Plans

PEHP offers multiple dental plans. Check with your employer or log in to your PEHP account to see which plans are available to you.


Please note some dental plans have waiting periods for certain procedures, such as orthodontic, implant, and prosthodontic benefits. To find out if your plan has waiting periods, log in to your PEHP account, and choose “See What I’m Enrolled In”. If there’s a waiting period, you’ll see a note about it in the Dental Coverage section of the page. Learn more in the Dental Master Policy.PDF file

Once you meet your dental maximum for the plan year, if you choose to get additional dental work, you’ll be responsible for full payment of the bill.

Important Information About Your Orthodontic Benefit

  • PEHP Dental Plans have an orthodontic benefit of up to a lifetime maximum of $1,500. That means PEHP will pay up to $1,500 per person. PEHP pays 50% of the billed charges up to $1,500.
  • PEHP doesn't have contracted (in-network) orthodontic providers. Our benefit is the same for each provider, but each provider's price may vary. We recommend you get at least three bids comparing the identical treatment. See sample costs PDF file
  • Ask your orthodontist about any discounts. Often you can receive a discount by paying your portion of the cost upfront.
  • PEHP pays the provider over time once you start treatment, typically over the course of 12-24 months.
  • Some PEHP dental plans require a six-month waiting period before orthodontic benefits are allowed. See your plan details to confirm if this applies to your plan. Contact PEHP Customer Service at 801-366-7555 to determine eligibility for benefits.

If you have a dependent who needs treatment, they must complete treatment before their 26th birthday to be covered.*

*Married dependents of Salt Lake City employees are not eligible for dental benefits.