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PEHP FLEX$ is a flexible spending account that saves you money by setting aside a portion of your pre-tax salary to pay eligible expenses.

There are two different FLEX$ accounts – one for medical expenses and another to help with dependent childcare costs – and each has important rules to keep in mind when using the benefit.

There are two variations of PEHP FLEX$ for medical expenses – some employers offer a $570 rollover, which allows you to move some unused funds into the next plan year. The other option offers a 75-day grace period by which all remaining funds must be used, or they will be lost.

Check with your employer or call PEHP at 801-366-7503 or 800-753-7703 to see which plan is available to you.

Important Information

  • A FLEX$ account is a great option to save for expenses if you’re not eligible for an HSA.
  • If you have an HSA, you can have a limited FLEX$ account to pay for dental and vision expenses only.
  • If you sign up for a FLEX$ account, PEHP will issue you a Mastercard to use as payment for eligible expenses.

For more information about FLEX$ call 801-366-7503 or 800-753-7703