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If you're concerned that you may have contracted COVID-19, please take a health assessment at https://www.testutah.com/ 


Telehealth/E-Care Benefit

Remember, you can visit a doctor remotely with your E-Care benefit. Learn more.


Telephone Visits

Starting immediately, you can do phone visits with your doctor and it will be covered. It will only cost a $10 copay for those on a traditional plan and less than $50 before deductible for those on an HSA plan. We hope that this gives you a safer and another convenient option to e-care during this difficult time.


PEHP Coverage of COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

If testing for COVID-19 is medically indicated it will be covered at 100% of the in-network rate, while any treatment will be covered at your regular benefit. If you have a deductible, it will be waived depending on your employer. Call us at (801) 366-7555 to learn more about your benefits.


PEHP Coverage of COVID-19 Antibody Testing

PEHP covers antibody testing for COVID-19 at no cost to you and without preauthorization when done by in-network providers. Antibody testing identifies those who have had COVID-19, recovered, and are producing antibodies to protect against future infection. Antibody testing is not meant to detect current infection.

  • This only applies to billing codes 86328 and 86769. 
  • If an out of network lab is used, there may be a cost for antibody testing.
  • Home tests are not covered.
  • Antibody testing offered at drive up centers coordinated through local cities are only covered in connection with a prescription.
  • The allowed amount for antibody testing is $47.

Antibody testing provides answers to the following:

  • Should I donate plasma if my test results are positive?
    • If you’ve had COVID-19 you may be a candidate to donate plasma serum that may help others. 
  • If my test result is positive can I stop social distancing?
    • Unfortunately, the results of the antibody test will not change guidance related to social distancing.
  • If my test results are positive can I return to work?
    • Positive results are not an indicator that you may safely return to work. 
    • At this time, we don’t know for sure if a positive test will protect you from infection.
  • What are the accuracy rates for antibody detection?
    • Results from current tests vary.  Many factors including when you may have been affected, the kind of test used, and the time that passed from the infection to the test. 
  • Are researchers using antibody testing?
    • Yes.  Many researchers are using antibody testing to investigate how many people may have been infected and determine what antibodies mean. 


COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna in December 2020.

When can I get a vaccine?
The vaccine is already available to healthcare workers, first responders, teachers, and others who work in high-risk environments. All others will receive the vaccine soon.  

Where can I get a vaccine?
Contact your local health department to see when the vaccine will be available to you. 

How much will it cost?
The vaccine will cost you nothing. The federal government and PEHP will cover the cost.

For more information about the COVID-19 vaccines and the State's implementation timeline, visit coronavirus.utah.gov/vaccine


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