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Hoopes Vision

11820 S. State Street
Draper, UT

Call: 801-568-0200

We invite all PEHP members and their immediate families to call today for a free LASIK consultation.*

*Consultations are not complimentary for anyone who has had prior eye surgery, been diagnosed with cataracts, or a previous eye condition. Exam fees are typically $150-$200.

Find out if you are a candidate for Lasik before you set your flexible spending amounts.

Lasik and PRK - $1,850/eye*
(reg. $2,450/eye)

SMILE - $1,850/eye
(reg. $2,450/eye)

KAMRA Inlay Only - $3,200
(reg. $3,800)

KAMRA Inlay + 1 Eye Lasik - $4,350
(reg. $4,950)

KAMRA Inlay + 2 Eye Lasik - $6,350
(reg. $6,950)

Mention this discount and that you are a PEHP Member. click link more details.

Moran Eye Centers

Farmington Health Center
165 N. University Ave
Farmington, UT

Call: 801-213-3405

Midvalley Health Center
243 E. 6100 S.
Murray, UT

Call: 801-585-3937

John A. Moran Eye Center (University Campus)
65 Mario Capecchi Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT

Call: 801-581-2352

10% discount on Lasik and PRK
with Moran refractive specialists

Free Comprehensive Screening
to evaluate if you are a candidate

One-Year Follow Up
after surgery for no extra charge

PEHP makes no guarantee or warranty regarding the products offered through PEHPplus. These services and products are offered at discounts only because they are not covered benefits under a PEHP medical plan. PEHP does not endorse these products or services provided by third party vendors. Vendors may alter their relationship with PEHPplus at any time. Therefore, specific vendors and/or discounts may change at any time without notice.