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About Us

PEHP Health & Benefits is a division of Utah Retirement Systems that proudly serves Utah’s public employees through high quality and competitively priced medical, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance plans. As a government entity, we embrace both a public mission and a commitment to creating customer value, excelling in the market, and improving healthcare.

We’re focused on keeping costs low and helping employers provide valuable benefit packages for employees. As experts in self-funded plan management, we’ve been able to give back over $100 million in savings to the State of Utah, its counties, cities, school districts, other public agencies, and PEHP members this past decade.

We pride ourselves in offering value, convenience, and choice to Utah’s public employees. Our medical networks provide access to more than 12,000 providers and every major hospital in Utah. We provide one-stop shopping for benefits and innovative solutions such as value clinics, pharmacy tourism and e-care.

Our industry-leading cost tools make it easier for PEHP members to find and compare healthcare and pharmacy pricing. Members can search for costs by condition, code, provider, drug, or procedure and compare differences in cost and quality among providers. Cash back opportunities are embedded in the tools, where members can share in the savings when making cost-saving decisions on certain procedures.