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Assistance and Savings Programs

Diabetes Savings Program

PEHP members with diabetes may qualify for less expensive test strips and short-acting insulin. To qualify, have your doctor complete the Diabetes Savings Program form.PDF file This benefit is available if you use short-acting and long-acting insulin, and/or blood glucose strips. You may receive authorization for lower co-payments for one year and may re-submit for coverage in the next year. Learn more.PDF file

Prescription Assistance Programs

PEHP recognizes the impact of increasing medication costs and strives to find cost-saving tools for our members. We've identified several medication-assistance programs which may help reduce the cost of your medication. These organizations offer prescription cost-saving solutions which may help to compliment your current prescription coverage. The qualifications for enrollment, associated fees, and prescription coverage may vary for each program. See if you qualify.

Rx Help Centers®

Patient Access Network Foundation®

Patient Advocate Foundation®

HealthWell Foundation®

Good Days®

*Please note Jordan School District, Salt Lake City School District, Park City School District, USBA, and Medicare Supplement members are not eligible for prescription assistance and savings programs