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Medical Plans

PEHP has medical plan options available to keep your employees healthy and happy.

We have traditional plans as well as qualified HDHP that meet the needs of employers - both big and small.

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Medical Networks

PEHP offers several network options that cover every major hospital in Utah and thousands of providers. Give your employees ultimate provider access by offering up to three networks or just one network for more savings. With PEHP you can offer networks like, Advantage and Summit, side-by-side and eliminate the hassle of working with multiple insurance companies.


This is an Intermountain Healthcare facility-based network. It also contains many doctors unaffiliated with Intermountain. Members who choose this network typically want to go Intermountain facilities and have services done in an integrated system.

Advantage Exclusive

When Advantage is offered as the sole network to employees you can get all the providers and facilities of the Advantage Network for a lower premium.


This network is based on the University of Utah, Mountain Star, Steward Healthcare, and Huntsman Cancer facilities. Members who choose this network like a broad choice of hospitals, surgical centers, and imaging centers. It also includes access to Primary Children’s Medical Center and Intermountain Healthcare facilities outside of the Wasatch Front.

Summit Exclusive

When Summit is the only network choice offered to employees you can get all providers and facilities in the Summit Network for a lower premium.


This network covers every major hospital in Utah and offers the biggest choice of providers.


This network is primarily centered around Steward Health and University of Utah Healthcare facilities and associated practitioners. This network also includes Primary Children's Hospital and all rural facilities.

Outside Utah

We've got you covered when traveling or living outside of Utah through the Multiplan network. We even provide coverage when traveling abroad under a reimbursement model.

Quality providers at a fair price

Our network solutions are contracted in-house and provide excellent quality and coverage. We welcome provider nominations from PEHP members to request physicians or facilities to be added to our networks.

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Dental Plans

Preserve the smiles of your employees and their families by adding a PEHP dental plan.

We have options available for essential needs or for more enhanced needs.

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Term Life & Accident

When your employees seek protection for life’s most difficult times, they can take comfort in PEHP’s level of personal service.

Plans include line of duty benefits as well as options to pay a benefit for time missed due to an accident.

Rates & Plans
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Happy employees

Long Term Disability

Help protect your employees’ income by offering a PEHP Long Term Disability plan.

The base PEHP LTD plan is .5% of regular salary for 67% of their regular salary and has not had any rate increase since the inception of the plan in 1983.

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Flexible Spending

Save your employees money and headaches by offering PEHP FSA administration.

PEHP is unique in that we’re integrated with your medical plan to cut down on the need for claims substantiation.

Another reason why one-stop-shopping with PEHP makes sense.

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Happy employees

Medicare Supplement

Just because your employees retire, it doesn’t mean you can’t still help with their healthcare needs.

If they've ever had URS or PEHP benefits in the past, they're eligible for our Medicare supplement plans.

Employees and spouses don’t have to have medical coverage through PEHP to be eligible.

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