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Remittance Advice

A remittance advice provides information on how a claim was processed. PEHP offers three different ways to obtain the remittance advice.


After the claim has been adjudicated, PEHP will send an electronic remittance advice (835).

Benefits include:

  • Cuts down on paper
  • Can be loaded into the providers practice management system for posting
  • Accounts receivable are significantly reduced, as provider can post payments in a timely manner

This feature is also required; if the provider wants to be set up with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as we discontinue the paper remittance when they are set up for EFT.

Additionally, email notifications can be sent to providers. If your office would like this option, contact either our EDI department (801-366-7544) or your Provider Relations Specialist to give us your email.


PEHP gives providers the option of downloading the remittances from the secured portion of our website. A user id and password is required, therefore, if you do not have one, please contact the appropriate Provider Relations Specialist.

Mail - applicable to non-contracted providers only

When a claim has been adjudicated by PEHP, a paper remittance will be mailed to the provider's office.

The remittance can be found by logging in to the provider portal.