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April 2023 Provider News & Info 

We're replacing our claims payment system in phases. Here's what you need to know.

Fall 2022 issue PDF file

Transition Begins for PEHP's New Admin System

Winter 2021 issue PDF file

Navigating Today for a Better Tomorrow

Spring 2021 issue PDF file

Continuing Our Support of COVID-19 Efforts

Spring 2020 issue PDF file

Working Together in Response to COVID-19

Fall 2019 issue PDF file

Exclusive Vendor for Summit, Capital Networks

Spring 2019 issue PDF file

Request for Value-Based Pilot Proposals

Fall 2018 issue PDF file

Online tools to help providers and PEHP members

Spring 2018 issue PDF file

Balance Billing: Something We All Can Work to Avoid

Fall 2017 issue PDF file

Streamlined: The new corrected claims process

Spring 2017 issue PDF file

The Opioid Epidemic: What can we do to change this tragic trend?

Fall 2016 issue PDF file

One For All: Provider Basics document clears up gray area for providers, members

Spring 2016 issue PDF file

We Have Liftoff: Providers Now Able to Submit Claims

Fall 2015 issue PDF file

ICD-10 is Here! Now What?

Spring 2015 issue PDF file

Paperless claims: Everything you need to know

Fall 2014 issue PDF file

Starting in January, paperless transactions will be required through Electronic Data Interchange

Spring 2014 issue PDF file

Prescription drug reviews and in-network referrals are just two ways to ensure your patients are in . . . Good Hands