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Electronic Submissions

Providers are strongly encouraged to submit claims and receive remittances electronically. PEHP currently sends and receives healthcare transactions through the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) or through a number of clearinghouses and billing services that submit through UHIN.

Providers who wish to send and receive electronic healthcare transactions themselves and not through a clearinghouse will need to contact UHIN at 801-466-7705 to establish a Trading Partner Number (TPN). The TPN will be used for all payers that accept claims through UHIN. Once the TPN has been established, please contact the EDI department at PEHP, 801-366-7544 or 800-753-7818, to be set up in our system and arrange testing.

When a new provider is added to your practice, please contact your Provider Relations Specialist to add the new provider to the correct TPN to avoid claim rejections. We will need to know the TPN as well as the individual NPI number and tax identification number (TIN).

After the set up and testing is complete, providers can then send their claims electronically to PEHP.