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Dental Electronic Submissions

For faster payment, providers are strongly encouraged to submit claims and receive remittances electronically.

You can submit claims electronically as follows:

  • If your patient's PEHP ID number begins with 174100, we accept claims via the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN). UHIN provides a private and secure gateway for electronic data exchanges. You can set up an account with UHIN or utilize your preferred clearinghouse; just ask them to submit your claims to PEHP via UHIN. Learn more at uhin.org.

Once you establish an account with UHIN, please contact our EDI department at 801-366-7544 to be setup in our system for testing. If you have a new provider in your office that needs to be added, please complete this form and send it to us via email, providersubmissions@pehp.org. We need to know the Trading Partner Number (TPN), individual NPI number, and Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the new provider.

  • Additionally, if your patient's PEHP ID number begins with M0000, you have the option to submit individual claims via the PEHP website:
  1. Visit www.pehp.org and navigate to the top right where it says “Account” and choose “Provider” from the options.
  2. Next, login to New Portal.
  3. Once logged in, choose "Claims - Dental Submission" from the Office Management menu.