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ROI Dental Calculator

How Much Can Your Office Save by Billing Electronically?

The dental return on investment (ROI) calculator tool helps offices identify the cost-savings potential that can be achieved by switching dental claim submission methods from a paper process to an electronic process. We invite your office to make the switch and start saving today!

Your average daily patient volume:
Percentage of your patients covered by insurance:
Total days in a week you see patients:
Total weeks in a year you see patients:
Number of FTE employees doing your billing:
Average annual salary of your billing employee(s):

Your total annual insurance claim volume:
Your FTE billing employee's per minute salary rate:


Generate claim and place in evelop:
Cost of form & envelope:
Postage (10 claims / large envelope) - $2.00:
Total Costs:


Generate claim and transmit:
Clearinghouse fee $0.50 per claim:
Total Costs:

Total Annual Cost Savings Realized by Electronic Claims Submission (MONEY) -
Total Annual Resource Days Saved by Electronic Claims Submission (TIME) -

*EClaim was calculated at the rate of $0.50/claim. Typically UHIN's cost is $0.01/claim

Additional benefits not included in calculation: Few returned forms, quicker turnaround, reduced outstanding accounts, less time on the telephone correcting and tracing claims.

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