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What is UHIN?

  • UHIN is a nonprofit, broad-based coalition of Utah healthcare insurers, providers, and others, including local government entities. UHIN provides a private and secure gateway for electronic data exchanges. These exchanges include the large integrated healthcare corporations, as well as the smallest one-doctor offices.
  • Since 1993, UHIN members have come together for the common goal of reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of care through the use of electronic data interchange (EDI).
  • UHIN gathers and provides data to a statewide data repository in addition to conducting educational programs consistent with its goals.
  • UHIN members use nationally accepted transaction formats and codes that are agreed upon by the Utah healthcare community. This means all the parties exchange data in a standard format using standard codes. This not only saves money, but also opens the door to improving patient care and safety.
  • For a complete list of approved standards and rules, refer to the Uniform Health Billing Rule (R590-164) at www.insurance.utah.gov or go to “Standards and Specifications” at http://www.uhin.org/.
  • If you have questions regarding Utah’s standards for EDI or how to submit electronic claims, please call UHIN at 877-693-3071.