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Customer Services

Case Management

Our Case Managers assist members with acute conditions by helping them to find economical ways to meet their healthcare needs without compromising quality of care. Provider referrals are welcome.

801-366-7755 or 800-753-7490

Disease Management

Our Case Managers assist members with chronic conditions by helping them to maintain a relatively healthy state through patient education, early intervention, continuity of care and outcome research. Provider referrals are welcome.

801-366-7400 or 855-366-7400

Customer Service & Outpatient Preauthorization

Our Customer Service Representatives answer questions relating to claims, member eligibility, and benefits (limitations and exclusions). They initiate outpatient and pharmacy preauthorizations and address general Master Policy questions.

801-366-7555 or 800-765-7347

EDI Helpdesk

Our EDI helpdesk answers detailed EDI questions including testing and rejection code issues. They set up providers for EDI and adds them to existing trading partner numbers. Provides payer IDs and addresses EDI claim payments to wrong payees.

801-366-7544 or 800-753-7818

Provider Relations

Our Provider Relations Specialists act as a liaison between providers and PEHP.

801-366-7557 or 800-677-0457

In-patient Prenotification

All inpatient medical services requires prenotification

801-366-7755 or 800-753-7490

Inpatient Mental Health/Substance Abuse Preauthorization. All inpatient mental health/substance abuse requires preauthorization

Blomquist Hale Consulting Group (BHCG) Canyons School District Jordan School District

801-262-9619 or 800-926-9619

PEHP Integrated Care all other employer groups

801-366-7555 or 800-765-7347

PEHP WeeCare

PEHP WeeCare is a prenatal program that offers support and services that promote a healthy, safe, and enjoyable pregnancy. Provider referrals are welcome.

801-366-7400 or 855-366-7400

Wellness Works

The PEHP Wellness Works program is an interactive website that assists members with diet, nutrition, fitness support, and offers an array of customizable wellness tools.

801-366-7478 or 800-753-7478

PEHP Health Coaching

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, you may qualify for PEHP Health Coaching. Our lifestyle behavior change program provides education, support, rebates and encouragement to help you succeed in improving your health behaviors.

801-366-7300 or 855-366-7300